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Enhance Coupa's powerful procurement and invoicing platform with the comprehensive cloud-based tax solution from Sovos.

Available in:
United States
Works with:
Tax Determination
Tax Reporting
Simple, seamless integration

Connect the world-class tax determination solution from Sovos with the Coupa Call Out feature by entering the credentials we provide. You’ll receive instant, reliable tax calculations without having to leave your Coupa environment.

Real-time accuracy for Accounts Receivable

Receive precise tax calculations directly within your Coupa environment as you create and review invoices.

Maximize savings with Accounts Payable tax audits

Verify tax calculations on supplier invoices with Sovos, preventing overcharges, undercharges, or missing tax information. Record tax amounts in a custom field on invoices and export reports for submission to government authorities.

Scalable solutions for your business needs

Our solution is scalable and straightforward, so it's built to expand with your company and integrate effortlessly, backed up by Sovos' world-class support, to manage everything from administrative tasks to complex tax demands.

Rapid response to regulation changes

The Tax Department at Sovos thoroughly researches regulatory and legislative amendments. Our team of tax professionals, including attorneys, CPAs, and MBAs, ensures you receive timely and accurate tax information.

Instant reporting for informed decision-making

Access your Sovos Tax Determination transaction history anytime with our user-friendly dashboard, which enables valuable real-time insights.

Confidently meet your compliance obligations

Benefit from our comprehensive audit defense capabilities, ensuring correct and timely filing with access to on-demand reports.