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Use 3H2M's connector for instant access to 100% of Portugal's public sector and over 3500+ companies.

Available in:
Works with:
Seamless access to both the Public and Private Sectors

Send your invoices directly from your ERP to your Private Sector or Public Sector customers. You can communicate your financial documents to public entities or dematerialize the communication to other customers by sending the PDF format.

Getting Started is Easy

Create an account, choose a plan tailored to your company, and you're up and running!

Local compliance and reach

- Legal Compliance - Deliver your invoices, as legally required
- Public Sector Access - Reach 100% of all Public Entities
- Private Sector Access - Reach 3500+ Portuguese based companies
- 100% Electronic Delivery - Available for all your customers

Connect once

Send and Receive 100% of your invoices electronically through a single solution, from any system or format used. Accelerate your company's digitalization by connecting with your public and private sector customers.

Access to on-demand reporting

24/7 access to your transaction history and stay compliant with the legal archiving of all your financial documents during the legal period in force.

Technical Details

Sovos-Saphety provides a solution for the communication of electronic invoices with multiple subscription options which can be canceled at any moment.
After the registration process and the company information is verified, one of the available plans (e-invoicing or PDF) can then be subscribed, after which invoices can be sent either from the sender ERP or by using the e-invoicing portal.
There isn't any software installation required.

Step 1: Customer registration on the Sovos-Saphety portal (free of charge)
Registration link
Registration support video

Step 2: Connection to the networks (in the case of sending CIUS-PT)
Once in the Sovos-Saphety portal, you can see the List of Saphety Invoice Network recipients, that are able to receive your documents in the standard format set for B2G transactions in Portugal (CIUS-PT).
Should you validate who your customer receives invoices from?
Sovos-Saphety has interoperability agreements with eSPap, Yet, Ilink, Indra, Generix, and Seres.
If you're sending documents to companies that receive through one of the networks above, you must also request to connect to the respective network.

Support Video of the request to connect to other networks and to consult the list of receivers

Step 3: Subscribe to an e-invoicing plan and/or PDF plan
Pricing for PDF Invoice Plans with qualified signature
Pricing for Invoice Plans for Public Entities on a Monthly or Annual Basis
Subscription Support Video

Step 4: Submit Documents
Integrated from the connector.
You must enter the login and password you have set in the portal registration and consult to find out what should be configured on the connector side.